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List of Coping Ideas For Stress

Ideas for stress coping techniques can be as simple as eating better and breathing, here is a list to get your creative juices flowing as to what works for you:

Prepare for your day the night before …it makes the morning start better

Get up 15 minutes earlier than you normally would, trust me on this one…it will help

Do not rely on your memory…..write things down, it does not have to be neatly, just do it

Repair things that do not work properly, it will ease up the frustration when you go to use it

Make duplicate keys…just in case

Say NO more often….people may not like it at first but tough noogies on them.

Set priorities in life…define what is important to you

Avoid negative people…and if you can’t avoid them(family) do not stay as long

ALWAYS make copies of important papers

Ask for help with jobs you dislike….company makes the task less overwhelming

Break large jobs into smaller bite sized portions.

Smile more

Be prepared for the rain …there is always a bit of rain

Look at problems as challenges …puzzles to be solved

Believe in yourself…you got this!

Avoid tight fitting clothes….no need to remind yourself that you grew up

Schedule a bit of play time for yourself into each day

Take a bubble bath

Have goals for yourself….but make them realistic and achievable

Say hello to a stranger …it will improve both your day and theirs

Develop your sense of humor…laughter really is the best medicine

See yourself as a winner, even if it does not feel like it now, believe

Stop thinking tomorrow will be better, BELIEVE it will be better

Look up at the stars and observe them…count them wonder about them

Practice slow breathing

Do something you have never done before

Stop a bad habit…..this action is empowering on many levels

Do IT today….not later, not tomorrow…now…just do it

Make yourself a To Do List daily

Make a list of your achievements

Strive for excellence …NOT perfection

Maintain your weight….this one can be harder than it looks

Look at a work of art for a long time….just look at it, each detail

Always have a plan B….always

Stand up and stretch …right now would be a good time to start this one

Plant a tree…. go visit it regularly and talk to it like a best friend

Become a better listener

Learn a new doodle….this is an easy but very effective task

Learn to meet your own needs-it lowers your expectations of others

Build and throw a paper airplane…check online for directions

Clean out one closet or one drawer

Know your limitations and make sure others know them too

Arrive at work early

Get enough sleep….and less internet time would help too

Exercise everyday

Take one day at a time…..Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Take a different route to work

Praise other people

Go for a walk in a park,  forest, on the beach if you are so lucky

Eat ice cream

Go to a concert or the theatre

Go for a drive and crank up the music…sing along loudly

Count your change, sort beads, buttons, anything small that takes focus

Be grateful for all the good in your life

Quit trying to “FIX” other people

Stop chasing people to be your friend/partner….if they wanted to be with you they would

Figure out who you are….your likes, loves, dislikes everything

Leave work early …with permission of course.

…and my personal favorite …go shopping ….online is second best to in person. You may not buy anything but at least it gives the mind a break from the thoughts at the time. Just do not spend outside of your limits.


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